Technology is often blamed for a lack of effective communication. My goal is to give you the tools and knowledge to help you become the benchmark for professionalism.
Success Stories – Asked for by Name

Success Stories – Asked for by Name

I won’t make excuses for why I don’t post more often. I continue to try and my consistency for personal growth isn’t as important right now. However, that doesn’t mean that I am inconsistent in everything I do. My focus is just on different things. As an example; My wonderful and supporting wife, my amazing daughter, and my very explorative 18 month old son. I also have a bigger focus on my job and the customers I support.

As per usual, I like to tell stories. I keep specific names out of it, but those aren’t requires anyways. I have a problem at my job, but problems aren’t required to be negative. This is a good problem. Customers are asking for me, by name.

My job is an Operational Services Consultant, Solutions Architect, Professional Services Engineer, and really jack of all trades as it relates to technology and Cyber Security. I’m typically assigned to a number of customers and they can (and do) call me on a regular basis. Think of it as “super support” for a product where you can just call up a single person and ask them ANYTHING you want about the product.

When I get a call, or email, or text, or whatever happens that day; I don’t always know the answer. But, I work diligently to find the answer for them. Sometimes it’s an answer they don’t like, but I do get an answer. When they need my help, I’m quick to respond. I try to follow up in a timely manner. I communicate professionally, clearly, and with as much detail as possible. Somehow, this is a lost art form and because I provide this type of service I am irreplaceable.

Crazier still, this exact sentiment is coming from customers who were about to drop our product and/or support. And I said customers with an “S”!!! I’m handed a customer who is unhappy and within a month of me “doing what I always do for every customer” they are now huge supporters and demand I stay on their project.

This brings me to the brag factor, and a lesson I want to share. I’m seeing a trend in the industry (and even the world) where professional communication is overlooked and outright ignored, in many cases. One of the core components I was taught in the military is to be professional. Using professional communication tactics has saved customer relationships and somehow separates me from the pack. It’s sad, but true. Be responsive, be respectful, be resourceful. I’ll coin those as the three R’s of professional communication, haha!

Truly though, I have always desired to be seen as an invaluable resource. I think I’ve cracked the code to make it happen and it definitely helps to make professional communication a priority. Hopefully this is an exciting success story that you can implement in your life too.