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A fresh start – Being accoutable

A fresh start – Being accoutable

I could make plenty of excuses for my lack of writing but that’s all they are, excuses. I’m aiming to do better this time around and change up my format slightly. Rather than long and thought provoking posts occasionally, I’m going to try smaller posts with random tidbits of information. Sometimes I may write a more lengthy article, but at the beginning I’m going to try consistency instead.

I have an idea for a series that I’ll be titling, “A look inside my mind”. The primary purpose will be to share some of the pet peeves I have, things that make me tick, and maybe we’ll even get some good content in between. Overall, the goal will be to show accountability to my readers and myself. I know that my blog isn’t huge, yet. Someday I hope to change that and there’s no way to get there if I don’t write content. As such, I hope that the people who do read will keep me honest and hold me to the high standards they’ve come to expect.

When I receive a phone call, text, or email; the person on the other end expects to receive a response. When this expectation is not met they will begin to question my reliability. I strive to always respond, and usually within a timely manner. This is how I’ve built a strong reputation in both my personal and professional life. My family knows that I will always be there for them, even if that means my personal time suffers. A very similar methodology exists in my professional life, with the only exception being that my family comes first. I consider this to be extremely important, and a point of “accountability” that must be met. As I move forward in life I aim to also be accountable to my readers, please join me in this endeavor and let’s see where the path takes us.