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A look inside my mind – Reliability

A look inside my mind – Reliability

Reliability has a similar theme to being accountable, but is separate in my mind. Being accountable is both asking for someone to keep you on the path, but also having regular checkpoints to ensure you’re sticking to that path. Being reliable, on the other hand, is more like a Timex watch. Does anyone remember the slogan? It takes a lickin’ and keeps on tickin’.

In reliability you are the rock, true north, the unbreakable point. This is a critical trait to possess. When I say that I will be at the 10:30 meeting it doesn’t mean that I will show up at 10:35, then need to unpack, grab coffee, etc. It means that I will be there and I will be ready. Reliability means that this quality of service is repeatable and constant.

There are quite a few brands that have built their reputation on reliability. If you want a reliable car, what do you buy? If you want a hamburger that will always taste the same, where do you buy it? If you want a watch that can be beaten and still accurately tell time, who makes that watch? Different companies may come to your mind in all cases. Personally, I have my brands in mind, and they may not match with yours, but it’s very likely that the brands will match. Why is that? Because the brand’s reputation has been built around reliability and they advertise it heavily.

The great part about reliability is that “usually” other parts of a successful business will follow. Does this brand have good customer service? Do they stand behind their product? Will your expectations be met? In most cases, a reliability established brand will stand the test of time. We can learn a lesson from this and apply it to our personal lives; Be reliable! In both personal and professional facets, when you show that you are reliable the rest usually falls into place.